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House Rewiring in Melbourne

Electrical wiring is a network of wires that connects the electrical systems in a building. The wiring connects electrical appliances like lamps, fans and refrigerators to switches and the main supply. At AGGY Electrical, our local electrician in Melbourne is fully capable of wiring and rewiring a house or business. Whether you need us to wire a brand new building or you need professional assistance with rewiring an old house, you can rely on us to achieve your desired outcome when it comes to house rewiring in Melbourne.

Full Rewiring of a House

Full rewiring of a house involves replacing the complete wiring system. At AGGY Electricals, we suggest this elaborate process only when we feel there is a safety risk due to damaged or ageing wiring. Old or faulty wiring can harm all electrical appliances and lights, including motion detector lights, making them useless at best or dangerous at worst. It can also lead to tripping and blowing out fuses more often than necessary. In rare cases, the problematic wiring can cause fire accidents that can be fatal.

The process of replacing home electrical wiring not only makes your home safer, but also provides you with a chance to equip it with modern conveniences to suit hi-tech equipment. It offers an opportunity for you to install modern technologies like smoke detectors, home security system, motion sensors and more. It not only makes your home more power efficient, but also enhances it by opening up the possibility of decorating with outdoor lighting.

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