Wiring Repairs

Repair Damaged Electrical Wire

Electrical wiring is a process that involves connecting the main supply with various appliances like televisions, lamps, fans, ovens, etc. If this wiring is not done or maintained properly, you can face problems with your devices and encounter safety hazards. Fortunately, the team at AGGY Electrical can repair damaged electrical wire. Our specialists are highly trained and experienced, allowing them to get the job done properly and put your mind at ease.

Wiring Repairs We Can Assist With

Wiring problems often involve loose connections or broken wires. An experienced electrician from AGGY Electrical can detect problems and provide solutions. From lamp wiring repair, electrical oven repair and LED TV backlight repair through to general electric cord repair and phone line repair in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

A problem with wires will not only harm your devices, but also make your power system inefficient and even affect your telephone switchboard system. This has the added consequence of increasing your power bills. Occasionally, it can lead to fires and other accidents. It’s therefore highly recommended to get repairs done as soon as you detect a problem. We discourage DIY solutions and suggest you use a professional who is trained and well-equipped to repair damaged electrical wire.

When Should You Call AGGY Electrical?

Our extremely talented professionals are quick to demonstrate their expertise in detecting and solving your wiring problem. Occasions when you should call us immediately include:

  • Burning smell from switch board
  • Curls of smoke from switch boards or appliances
  • Fuse blown out
  • Electrical appliances have stopped working suddenly
  • The power outlet colour changes to black
  • Flickering light fittings in Melbourne

If you need to repair damaged electrical wire, you can call us and our experts will be at your door in no time to help. Our emergency electrician in the eastern suburbs will not only deal with your present situation, but also suggest ways to avoid future problems. Contact us today for more details.

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