What You Need to Know About Commercial Data Cabling in Melbourne

There are several things you need to consider and keep in mind before you get data cabling installed for your business. This includes assessing the changing needs and conditions of your office as well as determining how many phones or computers are used and how many of them are wireless. You should also have a basic understanding of the different types of data cabling. This blog post from AGGY Electrical contains everything you need to know about commercial data cabling in Melbourne.

Assess Your Business Needs

Before a local electrician in Melbourne installs data cabling for your business, they’ll first need to know the answer to some basic questions. This includes how many employees there are, what type of system your phones use, whether the business is forecast to grow and expand in the near future, and what kind of structure your building has. This information will help your electrician to determine the amount of cabling and the number of sockets you’ll need.

How Many Phones or Computers Are Used?

How many phones or computers does your office use? Are they wired or wireless? These questions will not only determine the exact amount of cabling your building needs now, but also how much will be needed to provide room for growth as your business reaps the benefits of success in the future. This ensures that any changes and upgrades in the future can proceed smoothly without needing assistance from an emergency electrician to rectify mistakes or oversights as a result of incomplete information.

Available Types of Data Cabling

Professional providers of electrical services in Melbourne can provide different types of Ethernet data cabling, including:

  • Coax – Suitable for older computer networks that are less advanced and demanding
  • Twisted Pair – Uses a pair of copper wires and is the most commonly used in Australia
  • Fibre Optic – State-of-the-art option that uses light rather than electricity to facilitate significantly faster speeds

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If you want to learn more about commercial data cabling in Melbourne, get in touch with the team at AGGY Electrical today. Our commercial electrician in Melbourne can answer your questions and provide helpful advice and assistance.

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